Tuesday, 17 April 2012

An Exciting Month Passed, yet Another is Coming...

Have gone through an exhausting yet exciting month....... and glad that i've survived. Orz

Long story short, i have attended two consecutive events as one of the public speakers, tested a few marketing concepts, played around with Twitter Bootstrap framework for my personal page, and preparing for the upcoming 2nd Startup Weekend in Hong Kong (and not to mention the on-going intensive studying for Omniture stuff.). Would love to share with you guys every single detail of each story, just so little time because of increasing responsibility in my analytic team (a good sign though!). Anyway, here's the list of the highlights of those stuff, do feel free to drop me a comment if anything within interests (or confuse) you, i could discuss more afterwards. :)

Here's today's menu:
[Public Speech] Effective Content Management Strategy
[Public Speech] Trends in Startup Analytics  
[Test] Play with Adwords for SEO 
[Toy] Have Fun with Twitter Bootstrap

..... and, let's get started. :)