Tuesday, 17 April 2012

An Exciting Month Passed, yet Another is Coming...

Have gone through an exhausting yet exciting month....... and glad that i've survived. Orz

Long story short, i have attended two consecutive events as one of the public speakers, tested a few marketing concepts, played around with Twitter Bootstrap framework for my personal page, and preparing for the upcoming 2nd Startup Weekend in Hong Kong (and not to mention the on-going intensive studying for Omniture stuff.). Would love to share with you guys every single detail of each story, just so little time because of increasing responsibility in my analytic team (a good sign though!). Anyway, here's the list of the highlights of those stuff, do feel free to drop me a comment if anything within interests (or confuse) you, i could discuss more afterwards. :)

Here's today's menu:
[Public Speech] Effective Content Management Strategy
[Public Speech] Trends in Startup Analytics  
[Test] Play with Adwords for SEO 
[Toy] Have Fun with Twitter Bootstrap

..... and, let's get started. :)

1. [Public Speaking] For Web Analytics Wednesday in Hong Kong - March 

While i was a Digital Marketer I used to explore opportunities to sneak in analytical approaches, and this presentation is an abstraction of one of the trick i have learn for Content Management. If you have been read through my previous series in Pinterest Analytics, and you should see that this presentation is somewhat referring similar stuff. And indeed, this one focus more on a generic level for Content Management.

One thing worth to notes is my "belief" behind this approach:
"Target audience are not highlighted in reality, thus series of Trial-and-Error (of messages)"
Maybe because of my belief in startup culture, which nothing should be "expected", hence the chain of steps (and mis-steps) of validation. :)

2. [Public Speaking] For Startup College (in Hong Kong) - March

While most people always think that analytics is an Art for Enterprises (as they think it's kinda "slow" and secondary compare to their Lean Startup style), i put my faith into the overlapping area that early startup should be having a good marriage with analytics in lean style (say hello to the Baby, Startup Analytics!). While the presentation is more casual and much less words (yes, even fewer than previous one.... lol), the context inside is much more intensive compare to the one for Web Analytics Wednesday. Analytics Geeks should take notes on how Buffer leveraging Funnel concept for MVP (i love this story so much) plus the uprising Cohort Analysis throughout fast development cycles.

Enterprises should never underestimate the evolution of startups, trust me, they learn things reeeeeeally quickly....

3. "Gaming" SEO with Adwords?

Gaming Google Search Engine is always an interesting topics for SEO experts. Personally, i am not a SEO professional, rather, just a newbie in this area. Yet apart from traditional SEO practice, which usually require frequently updating content and strategic tagging for sites, i wonder if there's any proactive approaches to "teach Google" for SEO of my blog? The idea like this: If i were Google, i would use Adwords configuration and performance as one of the parameters for deciding relevance when pairing keywords to web pages. If so, doesn't it mean that i could just focus on the "configuration" to "teach" the engine about my pages?

That's why you see the above list, spending just HK$1 for each damn-expensive keyword (with a $6 daily cap.). Result? As expected the impression won't be good (as my bidding is low), yet out of maybe millions of potential exposure, i think i have archived indeed quite good Avg. Position!

Not sure it means "good" anyway, maybe running a few more months plus a few more posts will help to validate the result? But hey, testing with a proof-of-concept is never a bad idea, right? :)

4. Twitter Bootstrap Rocks

Although i'm an Analyst I used to enjoy coding and designing stuff, until i find the programing for website is somehow a painful process.... Thanks Twitter Bootstrap, at last i could try something fun with ease finally - a RPG style one-page profile for myself !! Itself is also a Zero-Player Game (yea, yea, i'm a geek in almost everything... XD) which my virtual character will "do task" by himself and "grow" by gaining levels. Visitors will be able to interact with him (actually, "me" !) by dragging items onto him ("he" can speak!) as well. The page isn't live yet, but i promise it will be soon. :)

Do you think it is cool? Yes indeed, because except the icons and the character, everything is built-in Bootstrap and simply soooo easy to use. Definitely a good practice before coming Startup Weekend in Hong Kong!!

--------------------  Hello i'm just a "Separator" :) ---------------------

So i guess here ends my exciting month.

Hm... did I mention that i have just passed my 26th birthday as well?  XD

Leave me any comment if you have anything in mind.
And see you soon, my friend. :)


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! That is an exciting birthday month you just had! Wow! Hope you had a chance to celebrate a little! Now I'm going to get busy re-reading everything above and writing notes! Would love to hear more about your Content Management strategy! Loved your pinterest series, helped me understand the more complicated concepts of analytics (complicated to me anyway!). I still have so much to study. Thanks for the update!