Sunday, 26 February 2012

16 Pinterest-Clones in China (and More's Coming) !!

16 PInterest-Clones in China (and More's Coming) !!

Everyone knows the legend that Pinterest has made in the last year, and the fire has begun in the China as well - clones are rising up !! So how "heat" is Pinterest in China? Try some casual search on Baidu brings us 17 clones (+1 for Tesent!!), including two from IT giants: vancl and taobao!!

(Hey, I have prepared you some "bonus" at the end too !!! XD)

  • 凡客達人 (Name Translation: "Masters of Vancl", sub-domain of

  • 讀圖 (Name Translation: "Read the Images", by China IT Giant Tencent)

  • Mark 之 (Name Translation: "Mark it!")

  • 碼圖網 (Name Translation: "Mark the Picture")

  • 知美 (Name Translation: "Know the Beauty")

  • 微圖 (Name Translation: "Small Images")

  • 迷尚 (Name Translation: "Attractive Fashions")

  • 拼范網 (Name Translation: "Puzzle Board")

  • 堆糖 (Name Translation: "Piles of Candies")

  • 拼圖圖 (Name Translation: "Play Puzzles")

  • 積木 (Name Translation: "Toy Bricks", mainly stores Interior designs and furniture)

  • 愛庫 (Name Translation: "Love Collection", mainly website/images collection)

  • 美麗說 (Name Translations: "Tales of Beauty", fashion-focused with ecommerce)

  • 磨菇街  (Name Translation: "Mushroom Street")

[Bonus] Want to make one for yourself?

You can...
1. Purchase the Purify Theme on tumblr.
2. Build a site from scratch using jQuery Masonry 
3. or Use Pinterest-Clone on GitHub Template to kick-start development 

So how do you think about this Hot Potato? Have you found any Pinterest-clones in your region too? Share with us in the comment!! (and don't forget to us & subscribe us if you enjoy this post !)


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  1. PINDERFUL is an another pinterest clone script

    1. Thanks Kannan! Nice one. How different is Pinderful from those opensource project?

    2. Hey Dickson!

      Pinderful is differ from it's extra ordinary features which are not available in other pinterest clone scripts.

    3. Yep the first pinterest clone launched sucessfully in india is PINDERFUL. Up to my knowledge this is also a extra ordinary effort. and the script was day by day checking for updation.

  2. Many are using the pinterest clones script from

    1. and lots more are launching as well

  3. Although I'm not surprised at all, it's pretty good to know all of these sites.

    1. True. And i think that it's similar to how Groupon-clones bloomed in last years.... XD

  4. theservicesonline14 March 2012 at 16:03

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  5. check out


  7. Pinterest clone is very interesting..I think its look like social media.Sharing Pictures & Videos...I saw it from Pinterest clone script software that also very nice..

  8. Guys, thanks for putting up pinterest clone script but do please try to comment with "less commercial element"....

    I really don't want to "moderate your conversations". ;)


  9. check this one too.

    Not sure how many of them are actual "clone" of pinterest as I saw so many of them when Pinterest was launched for a very short time.

  10. Me too became a very big fan after saw the indian product PINDERFUL- Pinterest clone script.

  11. China is the home town of Pinterest clone and lot of popularity for pinterest clone all over the china.

  12. Yeah Singapore's singterest and India's Pinderful is the best pinterest clone in my point of view

  13. Where ever goes the only hot speaking topic is Pinterest.

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  15. The Chinese are always on top of their clones. I wanted to create one but I thought about it too late. By the time I started working on it the market was already flooded. Pinterest is not even the main site anymore...there are clones doing better than them.

  16. Another awesome pinterest clone script available at: why don't you try it?? I am sure you really like this script:))

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  18. Hi,

    Very Nice Awesome post.. Thanks

  19. Wow..!! Lovely Great Themes.. Awesome Beautiful Thanks..

    1. Pinderful is a Wonderful clone to use like pinterest